Say hello to daylight.

Be free of fear.

If you're reading this, there is a good chance you're searching for a therapist.  Way to go...You've taken the first step! Where do you even begin? Many websites like this read like a resume and include a whole lot of specific and academic language about therapeutic orientations and diagnoses. But how do you know that this person is the one you should share your deepest insecurities, your lowest moments, your thoughts you know don't make sense, and your biggest worries?

If you click on the links on this site, I will let you know my experience, my education, (the resume stuff!) and what problems I am most ready to address with you and how I might do it (diagnoses, therapeutic orientation, and all the academic lingo because you're smart and you're doing your research!), but right here, I hope you'll get just a few things about me and how I work (and the most important stuff in bold in case you're skimming because you're busy!).

I know my stuff, but I will treat you like an individual and be ready to adapt my approach TO you and WITH you (and I'm always, ALWAYS learning). The longer I do this job, the more I want to learn. The field of psychotherapy is growing and changing all the time, and I'm excited to utilize the developments in technology and knowledge to come up with the best possible plan to help you reach your goals, feel how you want to feel, and be YOU.

I am a real person, with strengths and flaws. Although I generally keep it together, sometimes it's a mess! I hope you know I'll never judge you, because there is a good chance I understand you. I don't believe I've lived your problems and I won't simplify your experience, but I will do all I can to TRULY hear you, and listen, again and again, until I get it. 

And, even though your pain may be deep and your anxiety may be more than you can bear in this moment, there may be  a way to step back and laugh, for even just a minute.  If there is a way to laugh, we will find it!

My focus is anxiety and fear, but anxiety and fear can come in many forms and be at the ROOT of problems or the RESULT of problems.  Anxiety can be brought on by a major life event, trauma, new parenthood, dissatisfaction with life, or an overthinking, overactive mind. Anxiety can get in the way of functional relationships, school or job success, can cause hopelessness or depression, seemingly unending worry and suffering, or can just make you feel like you can not have even one moment of peace.  You do not need to live like that. It can get better!


Tobias Keene, D.D.S.

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Tobias Keene brings a bit of unabashed Southern hospitality to all his patients. He moved to Washington, D.C. over thirty years ago as a freshman at Ivy College. Right after graduation, he attended World University’s School of Dentistry. Before opening Keene Dental in 1994, he worked for free clinics and some of the finest practices in the District. He is part of the 123 Dental Association and stays up-to-date on the latest dental discoveries. When not striving to keep his patients happy and healthy, he’s enjoys hiking with his family in Rock Creek Park.