What you're feeling is more than stress.

Anxiety and fear can come in many forms and be at the ROOT of problems or the RESULT of problems.  Racing or obsessive thoughts, panic, and fear of your own thoughts may be frustrating, and it may also be absolutely terrifying. Anxiety can be brought on by a major life event, conflict or insecurity in your relationship, trauma, new parenthood, dissatisfaction with life, or an overthinking, overactive mind. Anxiety can get in the way.  Your relationship may be full of conflict, your success in school or your job may be suffering, you may have begun to feel hopeless or depressed, or you just can't enjoy your life.  Your old ways of coping have stopped working, and the worries come back.


My name is Sharon Yaecker Roesser. I am a psychotherapist and a fully and independently licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW) in Michigan. You do not need to live like this. It can get better! From the initial session, you can feel relief because you will begin to see a path out of fear.

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I offer:

  • In office Psychotherapy  for Individual, Couples, and Families
  • Online Psychotherapy for clients all over Michigan
  • Supervision for Social Work Professionals
  • Consultation for schools and organizations

I specialize in: 

  • Anxiety, fear, and related issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Perinatal anxiety for moms, partners, and families
  • Schools -> Students and teachers
  • Consultation and supervision for social work students and professionals


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